Raw Export Pipeline

Use Mixpanel's Raw Export Pipeline to export your unaltered Mixpanel event data directly into supported destination buckets. The exported data includes all event properties and timestamps in JSON format.

You must configure your destination bucket before creating the raw export pipeline. This ensures that the data is not rejected after Mixpanel exports it.


Mixpanel currently supports export pipelines to Google Cloud Services or Amazon Web Services S3.

Raw Data Pipeline Details

The raw data pipeline creates a scheduled raw export from Mixpanel to a data storage solution.

This is different from the raw export API as the raw export pipeline is scheduled and ongoing. The raw export pipeline also requires a destination.

Raw Export Pipeline Format

The raw export pipeline exports your event data in its unaltered JSON format.

An example exported event could look like:

// Expected Return
  "event": "Viewed report",
    "properties": {
        "distinct_id": "foo",
        "time": 1518314400,
        "$os": "Linux",
        "$browser": "Chrome",
        "Project ID": "3",
        "mp_country_code": "US"

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