Replace a Lookup Table

Replace the contents of an existing Lookup Table.


  • The first column of the lookup table is assumed to be the ID of the row. All ID values must be unique.
  • The first row of the lookup table is a header row. The values in the header must be unique, as each one uniquely identifies a column of the table. These will appear as properties of the lookup table in Mixpanel's UI.
  • The CSV must be valid according to RFC4180.
  • If the Content-Encoding: gzip header is supplied, the table will be decompressed before parsing.


  • Integers or floats will be parsed as numbers.
  • RFC3339 timestamps (2021-08-21T05:36:01Z) will parsed as datetimes.
  • true or false (case-insensitive) will be parsed as boolean.
  • Empty fields (two adjacent commas) will be treated as undefined
  • Comma separated, quoted strings in square brackets ("[""Free"",""Paid"",""Enterprise""]") will be parsed as list of strings.
  • All other values will be treated as strings.
c994bb,Drake,Pop,True,Hotline Bling,1700000000,2015-10-18T22:00:00,true,[]
d8d949,Gipsy Kings,Flamenco,False,Bamboleo,1170000,1987-07-12T05:00:00,false,"[""US"",""CA""]"
a43fb8,Daft Punk,House,False,Aerodynamic,41000000,2001-03-12T07:30:00,false,"[""IN""]"


Lookup Tables are replaced in their entirety or not replaced at all. When the Lookup Table fails to meet the above validation, we return an error that looks as follows:

  "error": "some data points in the request failed validation",
  "failed_records": [
      "index": 2,
      "message": "invalid row: row indexes 1 and 2 have the same primary key"
      "index": 3,
      "message": "invalid row: wrong number of fields"
  "status": 0

We will return at most the first 10 rows that failed validation.


This endpoint will return a 429 error if called more than 100 times in a rolling 24 hour window. We recommend updating lookup tables at most hourly to stay within this limit.

This endpoint will return a 413 error if a Lookup Table exceeds 100MB uncompressed. In practice, this translates to 1-2M rows. If you have a lookup table that exceeds the limit, we recommend pruning the number of columns to those that are useful to analysis. Removing long URLs or user-generated content can bring a lookup table within this limit. If you still exceed the limit, please reach out to us at [email protected] -- we'd love to hear your use case!

Legacy API

Our legacy lookup tables API is now deprecated; we strongly recommend transitioning to this API.

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