Track Events

Track events to Mixpanel from client devices. We recommend using one of our client-side SDKs instead of using /track directly, as our SDKs provide queueing, retrying, batching, and more.

When to use /track vs /import

Typically, we recommend using /import for server-side integrations as it is more scalable and supports ingesting historical data. We only recommend /track for client-side tracking in an environment for which we don't have SDK support or if you're sending data via some other untrusted environment (eg: third-party webhooks that send data to Mixpanel).

Events per request502000
AuthenticationProject Token, intended for untrusted clients.Project Secret, intended for server-side integration.
CompressionNoneGzip allowed
Content-Typeapplication/x-www-form-urlencodedapplication/json or application/x-ndjson
Ingesting historical eventsLast 5 days only.Any time after 1971-01-01.


The limits for track are the same as /import, see here.

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