Query Profiles

Query user (or group) profile data and return list of users (or groups) that fit specified parameters.

API responses will return at most page_size records for each request. To request additional records, callers should repeat their call to the api using the same where param, but provide a session_id parameter with a value taken from the first response, and include a page parameter with a value one greater than the value of page in the response.

A caller trying to retrieve all of the records for a particular query might use an algorithm something like this:

// Get the first page of data associated with our selector expression
this_page = query_api(where=YOUR_SELECTOR_EXPRESSION)

// If we get fewer records than the page_sized returned with our results,
// then there are no more records to get. Otherwise, keep querying for additional pages.
while (length of this_page.results) >= this_page.page_size:
    next_page_number = this_page.page + 1
    this_page = query_api(where=YOUR_SELECTOR_EXPRESSION, session_id=this_page.session_id, page=next_page_number)

The Query API has a rate limit of 60 queries per hour and a maximum of 5 concurrent queries.

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