Tagging Events in the Visual Editor

Page view events are helpful, but the real value of autotrack shines when we’re able to define new events that are related to our app’s UI.
For example, we may wish to track when our users click our primary “Watch a Video” button in our app:


In Freshpaint, head over to the Visual Editor (under Events) and launch a new tab that points at the website you deployed the snippet on:


The Visual Editor is described in-depth here, but generally speaking there are two modes Normal Mode and Label Mode


In label mode each element within your web application can be selected and tagged to create a new event:


In normal mode you can navigate the web application normally - no tagging is enabled.

We’ll use label mode to implement a “watch video” event by clicking the button and defining the event’s name:


Once we’ve defined our event in Freshpaint, we can head over to Schema (under events), find the event we just defined (“watch video”) and flip the switch to send the event to Mixpanel (just as we did before!):


Once this toggle is set, you should start seeing the click events register in Mixpanel’s live view:


As with before, pressing the backfill button on that new metric will send all historical data that Freshpaint has observed for that metric to Mixpanel:


This ensures you can still get data into Mixpanel, even if you forgot to track events when your new feature launched!


That’s the basic gist. Now you can create new events in Mixpanel without writing code!