Freshpaint Quickstart Guide

Quickstart Guide


If you don't have developer resources for precision tracking and you want to use codeless tracking, our technology partner, helps you codelessly track and analyze your data in Mixpanel. Check out the next sections, starting with: Connecting Mixpanel → Freshpaint for a more detailed walkthrough.

1. Create a Freshpaint Account

You need to create a Freshpaint account in order to codeless track events. Create Account

2. Integrate Freshpaint with Mixpanel

In your Freshpaint account go to Destinations > Apps and search for Mixpanel.

Configure the Keys with your Project Token and API Secret from your project settings.

3. Configure Your Website or App in Freshpaint

Follow the relevant instructions and ensure that you can see events in Freshpaint.

4. Start Sending Events to Mixpanel

Turn on status for Mixpanel in the events destination table, and click Backfill to send prior instances of the event.
Note: Backfills may take up to 10 minutes to populate in Mixpanel.