Set up codeless tracking with Freshpaint

Mixpanel was built to get answers about your product's usage with best-in-class funnel, retention, and cohort analysis tools. But first, you need to get data into your project. This is most commonly done through a code-based implementation using our hosted SDKs.

Generally speaking, getting started with Mixpanel (or any other product analytics tooling) usually requires some type of developer assistance. For companies that struggle to get started with Mixpanel due to lack of developer resource availability or concerns over ongoing maintenance, Freshpaint offers a solution.

Freshpaint and hybrid data collection

Freshpaint is a data platform that helps unify and standardize customer data from your site or app across your analytics tools. It enables tracking both codeless and code-based data collection at once. While we discourage relying solely on autotracked events and codeless implementation, Freshpaint does a great job of helping teams faced by implementation challenges free up developer bandwidth through a hybrid approach to data collection.

Getting started with Mixpanel + Freshpaint

We’ll need three things to get started:

We’ll carry out the following tasks:

This should take about 10-30 minutes. If you get stuck, ask us for help!