This feature is currently in beta

Cloud Import is currently in closed beta and not adding new projects.

  • To stream data into Mixpanel, check out our Import API
  • To import data from Google Cloud Storage into Mixpanel, check out our GCS guide
  • To connect Mixpanel to your data warehouse, check out our Census Integration


  • How can I check input data vs data imported into Mixpanel?
    The total number of events in the input data should equal the number of lines in all files imported. For successfully completed jobs, GET connectors/{connector_id}/history provides data on the number of events processed, and the number of events imported

  • I lost my service account credentials. How can I retrieve it?
    Unfortunately, service account credentials are not retrievable for security purposes. Please create a new service account with appropriate permissions and use the API

  • I lost my connector_id. How can I retrieve it?
    You can retrieve all connector_id’s of a given project with GET connectors/

  • How can I check on the progress of the import?
    Use GET connectors/{connector_id}/history

  • Why are there fewer data in Mixpanel than in the data provided?
    Possible reasons might include:

    • Double check that there aren’t any filters on the data view, including date range (imported data might go beyond the specified date range)
    • For events, there might be duplicate data that got deduplicated by our backend. However, if you check the status for a successfully completed job, it should display how many items were processed, which is the count before duplicate events were checked
    • For people profiles, some distinct_id’s might be mapped to a different distinct_id, and result in less number of profiles than imported
  • Why is there no data in the project?
    No data will show up until the job is completed, and you can check on the progress of the job with GET connectors/{connector_id}/history. If the job has completed and we were unable to import the data, the above endpoint should provide some information as to why it failed

  • When can I expect to see data in the project?
    For event and people data, all data will be processed together and appear once the job is completed
    For projects with group analytics, data will show up in Mixpanel as it is processed, one at a time

  • How does ID management work with Cloud Import?
    Identify, merge, and alias events cannot be imported via Cloud Import. However, Cloud Import will respect existing mappings

  • How do I find the bucket prefix?

Below are screenshots of S3 and GCS buckets respectively. Based on those screenshots, the values of bucket, prefix, and region would be as follows

{s3, gcs}_bucket = cloud-import-demo
{s3, gcs}_prefix = event/2020-10-01
s3_region = us-east1 (does not apply to gcs)
s3 paramss3 params

s3 params

gcs paramsgcs params

gcs params

  • How do I import only a subset of the data in my bucket?
    You can do so by specifying prefix to import files that share the prefix. Note that wildcard expressions are not supported. For the example bucket below, the different prefixes will result in a different set of imported files. Behavior is the same for all cloud buckets supported
Sample GCS bucket with dataSample GCS bucket with data

Sample GCS bucket with data


imported files












No files are imported

Common Errors

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Please use mixpanel.com, instead of www.mixpanel.com in the request

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